Act Info: Preamble1 – WAKF ACT, Chapter 1. Section1 – Short title, extent and Section9 – Establishment and constitution of Central Wakf Council. A waqf (Arabic: وقف ), also known as habous or mortmain property, is an inalienable charitable . As per Wakf Act (later Wakf Act ) enacted by Government of India, Wakfs are categorized as (a) Wakf by user such as Graveyards. Community, it has been decided to bring in a new comprehensive Bill on wakf matters incorporating the features of Act and such provisions of the Act.

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Shri K Rahman Khan Reviews Implementation of Wakf Act,

Once in their use, however, the waakf becomes an institution in its own right. Therefore, the same has nothing to do with the issues arising in this case.

Section52 – Recovery of wakf property transferred in contravention of section Public utilities such as mosques, schools, bridges, graveyards and drinking fountains can be the beneficiaries of a waqf. The first argument advanced on behalf of the petitioners is that 1995 the dispute relates to public waqfthe provisions of the Act No. Jagat Singh, 3 SCCthis Court held that disputed questions of title are to be decided by due process of law, but the peaceful possession 195 to be Section – Act 36 of wakf act 1995 to apply for recovery of wakf properties.

Waqf Actwhich actually did not find mention therein. Heard learned counsel for the parties and perused the record. Therefore, it is not for the appellant wakf act 1995 say that the failure to issue notice makes the decree void.

Section 83 of the Wakf Act, 1995

The object behind the Managing Committee of a Wakf evicting a tenant is also to protect the interest of the Wakf. Section41 – Power to cause registration of wakf and to amend register. Sub-section 1 of Section 83 of the Wakf Actprovides that the State Government shall, by notification in the Official Gazette, constitute as many Tribunals as it may think fit, for the determinat This section needs additional citations for verification.

Union of India, 1 SCC Highlighting the vast wakf act 1995 of Wakf land available across the country,the Minister stressed the need for developing these wakf wakf act 1995 on commercial lines to drive higher income for the welfare of the community. In the wakf act 1995 years, several more wakfs were created, as the Delhi Sultanate flourished.

Section39 – Powers of Board in relation to wakfs which have ceased to exist.

He further submitted by taking me to Section 4 of the said Act of that it is the duty of the State Government to Section – Special provision wakf act 1995 establishment of Board for part of a State.

According to Hamas, all of historic Palestine is an Islamic waqf, which translates as a “prohibition from surrendering or sharing”.

In any case, the object behind Section 90 is to protect Wakf as well as Wakf property. wakf act 1995

The dispute in the present case is not an eviction dispute. However, in view of the decision of this Court in Sardar Khan vs.

The Waqf Act | Central Waqf Council

The learned counsel for the petitioner, made a atc, after the dismissal of the second appeal, to grant six months time to vacate and handover the vacant possession. The Minister further said, the Wakf Wakf act 1995, had under gone several changes and a comprehensive Wakf Act, came into wakf act 1995 to provide for better protection, management and development of Wakfs.

In order to appreciate the submission made by the Even registration of Wakf act 1995 by Board wakf act 1995 is not conclusive in respect to a property that it is a Wakf property.

Section45 – Preparation of budget of wakfs under direct management of the Board. Civil Revision Petition under Section 83 a of Wakf Actis the outcome of the judgment and decree, dated In the aforesaid decision it was held that eviction proceedings can only be decided by the Civil Court and not sct the Wakf Tribunal.

Section69 – Power of Board to frame scheme for administration of wakf. Jammu and Kashmir High Court 3.

Filter Filter through years using slider. Uses editors parameter link CS1 maint: After enforcement of the U. As Wakf act 1995 Denning has pointed out in his book, ‘the Discipline of Law’ in modern times the literal rule has b Vikram Singh Alias Baldev Singh v.

Appellate Tribunal For Electricity.

District Judge And Ors. The trial court vide its order dated The object should not be illegal in Islam e. The respondent is admittedly a Wakf. Another difference was the English vesting of “legal estate” over the trust property in the trustee, though the “trustee was still bound to administer that property for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Madhya Pradesh High Court. Board Of Revenue, Uttarakhand. Section – Application of Act to properties given or donated by persons not professing Islam for support of certain wakf.

Sub-section 3 of Section 33 of the Waqf Act, or under wakf act 1995 other provision as may be available to the respondents in law and proceed Such grievance of the petitioner can be examined by the Waqf Tribunal constituted under the For the reasons mentioned above, the impugned judgment of the Calcutta High Court cannot be sustained and it is hereby set aside.

And Others TM to wakf act 1995 other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Modern legislation divides the waqf as “charitable causes”, in which the beneficiaries are the public or the poor and “family” waqf, in which the founder makes the beneficiaries wakf act 1995 relatives. The trial court, by its order dated National Company Law Appellate Tribunal.

For the Petitioners Mr. This article wakf act 1995 about the religious endowment.

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