One of the ancient texts of tantra practice is the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. This lyrical text recounts a “lover’s conversation” between Shiva (masculine principle) . VIJNANABHAIRAVA TANTRA. Bhairava and Bhairavî, lovingly united in the same knowledge, left the undifferentiated state so their dialog may enlighten all. 3 Jun The Vijnana Bhairava. This great classic text of Tantric Shaivism describes ways to catch sight of Reality beyond the mind. Shiva and.

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If, boundless in space, you meditate on Shiva tattva which is the quintessence of the entire universe, you will know ultimate ecstasy. The same self is in every body. II W II This japa of the Devi which was previously indicated, being repeated twenty-one thousand six hundred times during the day and night, is easily available and difficult only for the ignorant. When lust, anger, greed, delusion, arrogance and jealousy are seen vljnanahaving fixed the mind completely on hbairavathe underlying tattwa, or essence, alone remains.

This technique is also described in Kaulajnananirnayaascribed to Matsyendranath. O Shiva, what is your reality? Being gradually absorbed within that, the supreme state is realized.

Bhairrava lyrical text recounts a “lover’s conversation” between Shiva masculine principle and Parvati Shakti – feminine principle.

Liberated in the very middle of activity and reality, he is tantraa. Retention of Prana Shakti at the heart and at the dvadashanta. Then at last one will experience tranquility.

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

II In reality the essence of Bhairava is not the nine forms, nor the garland of letters, nor the three flows and not even the three powers of shakti. Put tantrz in such inexpressible fineness above, below and in your heart.

Is it different from the procedure in Trishira Bhairava Tantra? An illustration depicting Shiva and Parvati. In the three Shakti? This book is the most distilled essence… Even He said so. Contemplate on the state of a letter before and after its utterance. Concentrate on space variegated with the rays of the Sun and the Moon. Thank you again for such a beautiful, awesome experience – such a beautiful communion of Vijnqna s! Meditate on the occasion of any great delight.

Reject both repulsion and attachment, cleave to Sama. Lakshman Joo, Swami, How may we enter it fully, above space and time, names and descriptions? Consciousness is everywhere, there is no differentiation.

This consciousness is the spirit of guidance of each one.

Error (Forbidden)

Then Bhairava’s glory is manifested. I look forward to more. The former has one greatness: Do not go on to another object. II tftf II One who contemplates simultaneously on the void of the back spinal column and the void of the root becomes void-minded completely free of all thought constructs or Vujnana by that energy which is independent of the body.

When some desire comes, consider it. A Treasury of Types of Yoga. Concentrate that all knowledge is without cause, is base and deceives, it does not belong to any one person. Happiness resides in equality between extreme feelings. I am still talking about it months later. II W II Vjjnana on the thought of being in the supreme consciousness again and again; this is also japa. Free yourself from hatred as well as from attachment. Or by putting the fingers in the ears, hear the sound of sounds. Shakti, see all space as if already absorbed in your own head in the brilliance.

Let form fill with breath-essence to the top of the head and there shower as light. When one object is perceived, all other objects become empty.

Fear not, great cosmic diver, all forms are born of this sightless sea. I The supreme Lord, who is omnipresent, omniscient bbhairava omnipotent, verily, I am lie and 1 have the same shiva- nature. Referring to the Shiva Sutrason this site, will help in an understanding of this material.

Contemplate on the gap between one thought while suppressing another thought.

Block the openings of the senses. Since there is no difference between the Shakti and the one who embodies her, nor between substance and object, the Shakti is identical to the Self. That bliss of union which is said to be the nature of Brahman ever-expanding consciousnessthat bliss is in reality one’s own self. Bhairavithe goddess, asks Bhairava to reveal the essence of the way to realization of the highest reality.

That is, Iccha, Jnana and Kriya shaktis.

Are you the power or energy contained in sound from which all the mantras have originated? Who then could be fulfilled by this worship? Be the unsame same to friend as to stranger, in honor and dishonor.

What you call universe is an illusion, a magical appearance. Only this condition recognized as supreme is the great Goddess. Thanks To Our Sponsors.

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