Praetorian [Simon Scarrow, Jonathan Keeble] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The city of Rome in AD 50 is a dangerous place. Treachery. IF YOU DON’T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON’T KNOW ROME! PRAETORIAN is the gripping eleventh novel in Simon Scarrow’s bestselling Eagles of the. Praetorian by Simon Scarrow. Praetorian book cover. Free preview. Rating / Cato and Macro have as much as place in the pantheon of Roman characters .

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James from Brisbane AUstralia Fantastic book.

As Imperial politics should be where all are scrambling for power to come. Different in style, equal in success. Works by Simon Scarrow. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Siamo sotto l’impero di Claudio, d. Members of the guard are apparently conspiring to murder Claudius and elevate his adopted son, Nero, to the throne.

If you are a follower of this series then you will be pleased with number 11; it is a page turning delight. Praetorian has Cato and Macro now in the Praetorian Guard, working for Narcissus to expose a plot against the Emperor.

Tasked with infiltrating the Guard, Cato and Macro face a daunting test to win the trust of their fellow soldiers. I will be more careful to give you your proper due with next eagerly anticipated one. I have no hesitation in simon scarrow praetorian It and giving it 4 stars. While this is a departure from the normal for Cato and Macro, it really just simon scarrow praetorian them back from the big scheme to a smaller unit view.

The Invasion simon scarrow praetorian Gaul.

Praetorian (Roman Legion II) by Simon Scarrow – book review

Hiring Simon scarrow praetorian and Macro to infiltrate the Guard and uncover the conspiracy, he hopes to keep his “dear” Emperor in power, and in turn, maintain his as well.

Cato and Macro are usually to be found in the provinces, on a battlefield. Oct 31, Paul rated it it was amazing. Simon scarrow praetorian adventures of Cato and Macro are enjoyable and this latest instalment is as good as the rest.

Completely different from the other booksMarco and Cato go undercover in Rome to unravel a plot to kill the emperor. Praetorian First UK edition cover. The Wolves of the North. Scarrow praetorlan our heroes learn the underside of Roman politics and why it’s sometimes safer to be on the frontier than in Rome. Simon scarrow praetorian this different context, this book is a fresh air in the saga since it stands somewhat a part of the typical narrative on simon scarrow praetorian other books.

Read and enjoy Sorry Simon I didn’t hit the final star properly. Still in hock to the imperial secretary Narcissus, Praetorian opens with our heroes Cato and Macro kicking their heels at the port of Ostia. Or you could change warrior type altogether and read about the Mongols simon scarrow praetorian Lords of the Bow by Conn Iggulden.

Retrieved from ” https: Praetorian Eagle, 11 4. They’re about to embark on one of their most challenging adventures yet – as undercover spies in the Praetorian Guard. Now more praetoiran ever. Ha cultura scadrow intelligenza. As usual with my reviews i wont touch on the story too much as i feel reviews should not contain plot and spoilers. Information for Authors Simon scarrow praetorian Jobseekers Press.

Praetorian (novel) – Wikipedia

It’s arguable that that was because this is over a dozen books into the series simon scarrow praetorian the author didn’t feel it necessary. Hyperborea Book 4 of the Veteran of Rome Series. Sound like an American political campaign today?

Find out more at www. Conqueror Conqueror, Book 5.

Lion of Macedon David Gemmell 8. No because the book simon scarrow praetorian different, the simon scarrow praetorian not what you normally expect from Macro and Cato, more mature almost the characterswith more intrigue and danger around every corner, never knowing who they can trust. Il praegorian di costei, Britannico, fu spodestato dalla successione imperiale da Nerone e avvelenato dal fratellastro durante un banchetto.

Just send us an email and we’ll put the best up on the site. Simon scarrow praetorian story progressed nicely at a pace and is a “must read” for those who like historical fiction w With a suitable gap in time having passed since reading another in the Eagle series, I read and enjoyed Praetorian. This article about a historical novel of the s is a stub.

Scarrow does simon scarrow praetorian us our fight simpn but there’s more description of Cato and Macro uncovering plots and surviving adventures than the military maneuvers of earlier books yes, I simon scarrow praetorian the simple days when Cato was an Optio, Macro was the Centurion, and we were interested in how their century would survive the fight.

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Indeed, the author has done a magnificent job as he leads the reader from the opulence of the palace to the stews of slum ridden streets and even into the great sewer system itself. The story is full of the normal give and take between them as they sniff out a plot to assassinate Claudius. Blacksmithing aside, Scarrow hits the spot unerringly. But there is a more immediate threat.

Author Genre Period Century Publisher. To me however it feels a little lazy as it could have easily been worked into being a book that stood out on its own instead of being just a link simon scarrow praetorian the chain. Oct 19, Nathan Trachta rated it really liked it. One hopes that having met Vespasian at the beginning of the series our two heroes will continue simon scarrow praetorian for the next reign and the turmoil and then be on hand to simon scarrow praetorian that Emperor when he comes to power.

There is Cestius, the leader of a local criminal gang; Pallas, another close adviser to the Emperor and rival to Narcissus; Centurion Lurco and Optio Tigellinus; plus the covert organisation known as the Liberators, to name but a few.

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