Ataturk: A Biography of Mustafa Kemal, Father of Modern Turkey. by Lord Kinross . Morrow, pp., $ Mustafa Kemal Ataturk; drawing by David Levine. This blockbuster by a well-known London journalist (and authentic Lord) is a blow-by-blow biographical study of the soldier-statesman, Mustafa Kemal, who in . 3 Oct It is the shadow of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Lord Kinross’s year-old book is informative and highly readable, but it is.

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Patrick Balfour, 3rd Baron Kinross – Wikipedia

After WWI the Ottoman Empire was facing collapse due to the Allies breaking it apart and by doing so ruining its economy. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Despite the brief marriage, Lord Kinross was homosexual. He was quite the swordsman, father of his country indeed. To understand modern-day Turkey, one must start with Ataturk.

The Kemalist reforms were displayed with great talent and knowledge. Not for the bedside table. From his alcoholism and womanizing to his emotional abuse of both friends and enemies Kemal Ataturk, is the re-inventor of Turkey. To truly appreciate the respect that modern Turks have for their first republican, his full story and list of achievements need to be understood.

Though bearing an unnecessary or so pages, the book nevertheless paints a comprehensive and detailed picture of one of the more highly influential soldiers and statesmen of the last years. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. For he was truly the father of Turkey: Turkey still struggles and the jury is still out whether a western “modern” approach shall prevail and succeed but the fact that it has for almost 50 years is a testament to one of the remarkable leaders of the 20th century.

ATATURK by Lord Kinross | Kirkus Reviews

When you travel in Turkey it seems that every square, every schoolyard has a statute to Ataturk who first gained fame in the battle of Gallipoli where he commanded the Turkish troops on that first day and checked the British advance which hemmed in the British on the beaches and led to a Turkish victory.

Incredibly long, overpacked with details, this definitive biography of an astonishing man and his country will appeal to historians of 20th-century European and Middle-Eastern politics. I began reading this book on the plane trip home from my first holiday in Turkey to visit my partner’s family.

It is rare to read of a man who eyed his next goal and then achieved it time after time, with very few setbacks. Kinross doesn’t shy from showing the sometimes ruthless and unstable sides of the hero. Jul 07, Earl Grey Tea rated it liked it Shelves: They were divorced inwhereupon Angela married the Comte de Chatellus. He just died of Liver cirrhosis in his sleep; it wasn’t a ‘bang’ or anything. Despite my qualms, I am glad that I read this book and have a much better understanding of this key point of time in early 20th century.

On one hand, he was a great military hero and a decisive, if not autocratic, political leader. There was a lot of emphasis on Ataturk’s leadership in battle and his military victories so if that’s what you’re into, great!

I was able to learn a plethora of information about him and have a better understand about the man who lead the transition from the collapsing Ottoman Empire into the relatively secular country of Turkey. Paperbackpages.

I bet he’s rolling in his grave as more and more young women cover their hair and political leaders slip into religious conservatism. He seized power after the first world war after the Ottoman empire had been stripped of much of its territory. Its subject, Mustafa Kemal, a. Unfortunately less so on state building but a lot of interesting tales of international diplomacy. But worth every page. Instead, his actions were repeatedly explained or justified by his admirable sense of duty to his country.

Lord Kinross’ biogrpahy is thorough, exhaustive and detailed. Jun 25, Madeleine rated it liked it.

Return to Book Page. Much like present day Indonesia, religious parties have gained prominence and seek to re-assert religion as part of government. It was the creation of one man, the soldier-statesman Mustafa Kemal, who dragged his country from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, and in defeating Western imperialists inspired ‘the cause of the East’.

Lord Kinross’s authoritative work remains the definitive biography of the father of modern Turkey, a powerful figure in the still-unfolding drama of the Middle East.


Great overview and reasonably well written. At the age of 32, I realize that I don’t have most of these qualities, so I think I will have to abandon my dreams of political ascendancy or world domination.

For many years he works in the background to develop a network of resistance against the self serving Ottoman authority. It is a bit plodding and dry but the subject mattter is so compelling that it is a good read. May 24, Dan rated it liked it Shelves: I read this book many years ago, yet it has stuck with me as one of the best biographies I’ve ever read.

Kinross clearly has a great admiration for the man, and I worried at first that the text would be little more than hero worship.

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