It is a collection of vital municipal utilities bundled into what we call the Conduit Cluster providing a first of its kind full integration of solar powered hydrogen. HYDROGEN SUPERHIGHWAY. Dakshata Sharma. ECE, Poornima College of Engg., Jaipur, India. ABSTRACT. In this paper a fast means of transportation. That is why it is called hydrogen superhighway. To obtain the hydrogen energy from water by using solar energy the photo voltaic panels are used in the train to .

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My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. That being said I would love to see something like this actually built and running. As for fuel, hjdrogen would be used in fuel cells, internal combustion engines, micro turbines and other energy conversion devices to generate power.

With so many utilities in a single, long conduit, it could be a prime target for terrorism e. Further, the ability of the Hydrogen Super Highway superhighday reduce greenhouse emissions is unsurpassed. Using hydrogen as an alternative fuel can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Lucky people in Michigan! What do skperhighway get when you combine the innovation of MagLev technology with solar power, hydrogen fuel, and a futuristic aesthetic? The utility clustering principle being exploited by the benefits of mass production using materials that guarantee hundreds of years of service, is the ultimate investment of both public bonds and private venture capital.

Krause February 14, at 2: I don’t want to go into that any more. Poorly conceived, designed, documented and publicized.

Michigan, Detroit in particular, has been in need of a good mass transit system of some kind and this would be great to pave the way for more development for the city of Detroit. You can see the first two pages of objectives for what would become the Hydrogen Super Highway outlined on March 19th by clicking here: It takes a huge sourse of energy to create free hydrogen. Ditto our aversion to publicly funding in some way expansion of alternative energy sources, most recently exemplified in the recent failure in the Senate of a bill the House had passed that would have extended benefits for alternative energy providers.

The Interstate Traveler solves this problem through the design of the fuselage. The idea that this will ‘start construction’ next year is made up. Power companies charge in kilowatt -hours. These forces will balance each other and because of this equivalence the object will suspend on above the surface of both the magnets. Petersburg Group 17 July Less costly and an easier transition on and off the lanes.

The construction is set to begin this year, and would connect Ann Arbor and Detroit. BUT, think about it. With the automobile accommodations, you can drive your car into a car ferry, and ride in the comfort of your own private vehicle while the car ferry takes you where you want to go without any interruptions. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. But it’s probably still pie in the sky: James E February 24, at 3: NREL is a national laboratory of the U.

But these things can be done. I met these guys before. Combining this with production of hydrogen from solar energy through electrolysis creates a completely clean system — the only emission in the process is water.

hydrpgen Just spent about 45 minutes trying to find some information of Detroit’s official website. America is one step closer to a clean energy economy no longer dependent upon economically and environmentally unsound foreign or other fuel sources.

The Hydrogen Super Highway

It’s a lot more feasible than this scheme, because the vehicles are dual-mode they also travel on the streets at NEV speeds: In this regard, our aim is to provide a continuous revenue stream for municipal governments for the management of public works and the embellishment of parks and other public spaces along with the management of local public transportation services at all levels.

It will take true supwrhighway and a combined effort to solve the dilemmas of our energy crisis.

Maybe I just missed it because the website is juvenile. Garden Arbor Light Rail It has become ever more popular for new urban areas to be developed with underground utilities, and as the ever increasing population grows into new areas and redevelops old onesthere will be a need for both a highly efficient light rail system, and a need for massive upgrades in the basic public utility conduits such as electricity, water, and liquid waste. Three or four zeros and decimal places don’t sound like a big obstacle unless you understand math.

I barely trust the various government officials in places of power to execute a standard light rail system. Here in Bangkok we have a Skytrain and subway system, each independent but intersecting at two points. John February 13, at 8: The zeros and dollars just don’t add up. There would have to be a prototype somewhere that has been tested for durability, maintenance issues, safety, build costings and efficiency Click Here Professional Illustrations: Give me a break.

The Hydrogen Super Highway

It’d superyighway particularly useful for someone who regularly travels between cities, or someone planning an extended vacation using their own car. Newer Post Older Post Home. By providing maglev rail mass transit for both pedestrian passengers and for personalized automobile accommodations, we promote the use of both public and private transportation.

What a wonderful thought.

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