Hans Fryba (Q). Austrian composer. edit Hans Fryba. retrieved. 9 October 24 April Hans Fryba. retrieved. 9 October Hans Fryba – Suite in the Olden style (complete) Hans Fryba – 3 Arabesques Michinori Bunya – double bass Bayer Records BR (Recorded in. HANS. Suite im alien Sttl in 6 Safzen far Kontraba6 allein. FRYBA A SUITE IN THE OLDEN STYLE IN SIX for Contrabass. Wi. JOSEF n.

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Obviously inspired by the Bach Cello Suites, popularised in the early 20th-century by the great Pablo Casals, the six movement suite is a ‘tour-de-force’ for the advanced double bassist and features many technical challenges in the solo register of the instrument. A History of the Double Bass in Pieces added 9 new photos to the album: He was also a teacher at the Athens Royal Conservatoire. Sections of this page.

Hans Fryba – Suite in the Olden Style

Between and Ffryba composed a number of advanced works for double bass which he dedicated to Fryba with the words ‘Hommage a mon cher Hans Fryba, le merveilleux interprete de mes oevres. During his years in Geneva Fryba formed a close working relationship with the Swiss composer Joseph Lauber Much of the printed suite is written in tenor hasn, not always a favourite clef with bassists and a new edition is long overdue.

Hans Fryba has created a modern ‘classic’ which has certainly stood the test of time. Apart from this, the piece is well worthy of study and performance and offers great challenges to any performer who is willing to spend many hours in the practice room.

Of the above, only the Suite is performed regularly. Gavotte I is repeated before launching into the lively and rhythmic Gigue Habsalso in G major. The Allemande Adagio is a complete contrast and is in B minor. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? I do not hesitate to say that I have never heard such frya playing; he is certainly the most worthy successor to his teacher Madenski.

A slow and sustained Sarabande Lento follows in the key of E flat major.

Voice Weavers Choir Choir. Probably composed in the early s, the suite was first published by Josef Weinberger in and has subsequently fryna standard repertoire for almost every international double bass competition. Suite in the Olden Style is in six contrasting movements beginning with a lively and effective Prelude Allegro moderato which offers both a technical workout and musical challenges in equal measure.

The lyrical opening phrase has a nicely gentle lilt, emphasising the lyrical and cantabile qualities of the double bass, and offers potential to create long melodic lines within the technical challenges. Gavotte I is in D major and includes a number of effective double stops within the dance music and there is much here to enjoy. Rock On Hzns Author.

The fifth movement comprises two gavottes Allegro moderatowith the first one repeated, and is probably the most charming and accessible music of the suite. Bach, but within a 20th-century idiom and harmonic content.

David Heyes [16 June ]. In he joined the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, a position he held for three years, and in moved to Athens to become the solo bassist of the Orchestra of the Megaron Mousikis, the most important concert hall in Greece.

Fryba retired from the orchestra in hhans that year his home country of Austria bestowed on him the honorary title of professor.

Suite in the Olden Style

Hajs Courante Allegro non troppo is dance-like, with a strong forward momentum and returning to the key of G major. He worked with many of the greatest conductors and composers of the day and was obviously highly regarded by many of them. Hans Fryba was far from a prolific composer and only appears to have composed three original works for double bass – Suite in the Olden Style for unaccompanied double bass – Arabesques for unaccompanied double bass – Concert Study for double bass and piano – all published by Josef Weinberger.

In Fryba became the first bass of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande in Geneva and spent the next forty years in the orchestra.

Gavotte II returns to G major and makes good use of the the highest harmonics with a fun and light-hearted theme which moves into the lower register and effective music featuring a number of double stops. Son reconaissant Joseph Lauber. The key of G major makes good use of the entire range of the solo double bass and the mix of scalic passages, double stops and two-voiced broken chords, makes for a piece which is both testing and exciting at the same time.

See more of Double Bass Queensland on Facebook. A year later he was awarded the title of honorary professor of the Geneva Conservatoire and in the same year retired to Austria, after a forty year sojourn in the Swiss capital, and he spent the last fifteen years of his life in Gramneusiedl Austriawhere he died on 3 January The initial double stops, melody and accompaniment, tests the bassists technique but much of the rest of the movement is accessible and enjoyable to play.

Hans Fryba

Daniel Smerdon – Baritone Performing Hanss. Nowadays there are literally thousands of bassists across the world who are able to perform the piece, once the preserve of the few, and in performance it demonstrates frba only the musical and technical worth of the performer, but also the viability of the double bass as a solo instrument. In January Sir Thomas Beecham wrote: Although movements of the Bach cello suites can be tackled by cellists during the early years of study, the Fryba Suite is the exact opposite and is aimed at the advanced bassist with a strong and confident solo technique and more suitable to the professional bassist and conservatoire or university student.

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