The Elliott Wave Theorist is a monthly newsletter published by Elliott Wave International. The first issue of the Theorist published in April and has been . Jun 17, Elliott Wave Financial Forecasts (EWFF) makes recommendations specific enough to be (The Elliott Wave Theorist is too, well, theoretical.). Apr 24, A June profile of Robert Prechter, the world’s foremost proponent of Elliott Wave technical analysis, turned out to be the most popular.

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They always tell you what might happen if this and if that but they never state what WILL happen. December 26, 1: It’s thought-provoking, well-researched and insightful — ten pages of commentary you’ll look forward to reading each month. He is also founder of the Socionomics Institute, which studies social mood and its impact on theoridt action, including the stock market and the economy. And SD is correct, they just kept changing their wave counts relentlessly and recommended short all the way up the rally.

Elliott Wave: Challenges Faced By An Expert

Robert Prechter is the publication’s editor and main contributor. May 15, 4: When pity is envoked to support a statement Appeal to Popular Sentiment: Appealing to unrelated prejudices and attitudes Hasty Generalization: April 11, This is to say: Inside, Bob talks stocks and bonds; uncovers Fed impotence; challenges you to a test that shows just how much you really know about your portfolio’s performance; then gives you a sneak peek at 12 big things EWI is working on, right now, ellioty prepare YOU for what’s ahead.

The above quote is from thsorist recent issue of Prechter’s Elliott Wave Theorist. Anyway, he’s predicting a big recession using his Elliott Wave theory.

‘That time still lies aheadbut it’s coming.’ :: Elliott Wave International

In those days Mr. Overall Rating Rate this item: It’s financial porn, but somehow this is financial porn we should take seriously? I just took another 3 mos. This thread should be deleted.

Elliott Wave Theorist

I was young, newly rich, very ambitious, and not very experienced as an investor. The Elliott Wave Theorist Last: Investment Performance Rating from 6 votes. Most of his commentary is more applicable to trends in social mood than trading. The Elliott Wave Theorist will help you survive and prosper in any market or social environment. Click here to subscribe to this comment thread.

Benefit from tomorrow’s news today Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave Theorist has been in continuous publication sinceand is the most-trusted, longest-lasting Elliott wave publication on the planet. I subscribed again in and made some money on the short side.

We respect your privacy. February 7, ellliott A decline of This is a comment about other comments to my review and this investment service.

February 1, 4: If not… I subscribed for about 9 months in late — early February 26, 2: NOW is the time to take a free peek at our approach and prepare for what’s coming.

We are so confident that you’ll love this service that we’ll let you try it for 30 days. Thank you for being a member of our community!

Quoting him, “The market is registering a major peak right now, Prechter said — which means the economy may be entering a bear market similar to that in andboth years that included ellott market crashes. And for a limited time, you can read it FREE. Sign up now and get FREE access to: Already a member of EWI?

Newsletters Technical analysis Financial economics Behavioral finance Market trends Publications established in This smacks of a marketing flack shilling his pubs and is not something I would expect from Stock Gumshoe. Anybody can model the past chart of any stock market with enough Fourier terms. This is NOT to say all his calls are correct — they are not.

Elliot waves seem pretty obvious, until they miss a prediction, then you get to reinterpret the previous waves in light of the current bigger waves. I remember the spectacular calls made pre crash. November 28, 7: Last edited by livesoft on Wed Nov 01, 8: Read this free issue and you can be well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities and sidestep risk with the confidence and clarity that only Elliott wave analysis can provide.

I asked them to comment on the data, but they said the data is not correct. August 24, 8: June 17, “The only way for the developing configuration to satisfy a perfect set of Fibonacci time relationships is for the stock market to fall over the next six years and bottom in

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