est de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT 5 El Test de Habilidades Mentales Primarias “PMA” (Thurstone, ) Test de Aptitudes. Diferenciales. TEST DAT (APTITUDES). Updated 29 May Transcript. TEST DE. APTITUDES (TAD). VIVIANA GONZALEZ DIAZ. ORIETTA NORDIO PONTIVO. Documents Similar To Test Aptitudes Diferenciales. Presentación-interpretación Manual Test de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT. Uploaded by. Javier Salcedo.

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They are most aphitudes in organized and structured situations, and may find it hard to deal with unpredictability. They tend to be comfortable leaving things to chance, tending to be spontaneous rather than planful, organized, and structured. The extreme low score may reflect an avoidance of anything negative about the self. At the extreme, their low level of arousal can make them unmotivated.

They tend to have a lot of drive, to be high strung, and to be fidgety when made to wait. They are high spirited and stimulating and drawn to lively social situations.

est de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT 5 by on Prezi

Cattell ; autores del manual Mary T. Extreme scorers may be so focused on subjective aspects of situations re they overlook more functional aspects. This is often indicative of intellectual ability, etst is also related to educational level. At the extreme, they may be forthright in situations where it might be more astute to be circumspect or tactful.

Openness to Change Q1 ———————————————————————————. Extreme deference fiferenciales disappoint those who wish for a more forceful or participating response from them. They enjoy experimenting, and tend to think critically or question authority. They focus more on how things work than on aesthetics or refined sensibilities, and may be so concerned with utility and objectivity that they exclude emotions from consideration.

The Psychological Corporation, They find speaking in front of groups to be difficult, and may feel intimidated when facing stressful situations of an interpersonal nature. They are likely to avoid conflict by acquiescing to the wishes of others, and they are willing to set aside their own wishes and feelings.

At the extreme, they can inhibit their spontaneity, sometimes to the point of appearing constricted. Extreme scorers may be thick-skinned or attention seeking.

Test de Aptitudes Diferenciales DAT : Con Cuadernillos

They are more oriented to abstract ideas than to external facts and practicalities. They tend to stick to traditional ways of doing things. That is, because they are comfortable, they may be disinclined to change or push themselves.

These Global Factors are:. Extreme scorers can be so absorbed in thought that they can be absentminded and impractical. Tiene elementos y mide, con algunas variaciones y mejoras, las mismas 16 escalas primarias. Vigilant, suspicious, distrustful, wary. Texto Anne-Lise Christensen Madrid: They tend to be open, artless, and transparent. Though they may not be the life of the party or the most entertaining person in a group, their quiet attentiveness can make them reliable and mature.

While dominance can create a commanding, take-charge social presence, at times it can be hest as overbearing, stubborn or argumentative.

Cuestionario de personalidad para adolescentes Schuerger, J. Low scorers can be uncomfortable in situations that call for emotional closeness or extensive interaction. Extreme twst may reflect an impulsive or unreliable quality. At the extreme, they can be perceived as inflexible, moralistic, or self-righteous.

Their friends describe them as sympathetic and comforting. When aptitudea sixteen primary traits were themselves factor-analyzed, they revealed five Global Factors which describe personality at a broader level.

However, they may be sensitive listeners, who are more aware of risks in situations. They tend to like solitude, often focusing attention on intellectual, mechanical, or artistic pursuits, where they can be quite effective. Warm, caring, soft-hearted, and generous. For example, dominant people who are also Warm A may be more thoughtful than reserved people. Low scores can also result from a range of problems affecting concentration and motivation.

They may not worry about conventions, obligations, or following rules and regulations. Crea un blog o un sitio web gratuitos con WordPress.

Diferenckales tend to be self-confident and untroubled by self-doubt. Extreme scorers may be seen as gullible, and may be uncomfortable in situations where close relationships are inaccessible.

They tend to take life in stride and to cope with day-to-day life and its challenges in a calm, balanced, adaptive way.

They are willing to talk about themselves readily, even about fairly personal matters. For some test takers, ve can reflect current life stressors; for others, it may characterize their way of life. DHAC -Desarrollo de las habilidades cognitivas:

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