The Influence of the Technical Condition of a Building on the Property’s Market Value. Beata [email protected] View More View Less. 1 University of. Journal of Real Estate Literature, Volume 11, Number 3. p. SEKOCENBUD, (). Biuletyn cen obiektów budowlanych BCO, cz. I-obiekty kubaturowe. these data were made available by the SEKOCENBUD. . cations under the corporate SEKOCENBUD. Biuletyn cen regionalnych w budownictwie BC.

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Urban Studies37 1. Rewitalizacja konstrukcji budowlanych w obiektach zabytkowych.

Poziomy agregacji robót i cen by Michał Archaniołowicz on Prezi

Umowa o roboty budowlane wyd. De Gruyter – Sciendo. The selection of a specific technical solution at a particular stage of construction results in and, at the same time, necessitates the selection of successive solutions which best fit the requirements both of the situation at hand and the originally selected solution. Flat roofs, terraces, balconies. The information was obtained from a transactional database based on the Partner Data Exchange system with the Walor software. The aim of this paper is to study the influence of the technical condition of a building on the market price of the dwelling units, depending, among others, on the chosen method and the approach to the assessment of the housing wear degree.

The variety of detailed architectonic and construction solutions presented and described in this book allow you to make informed selections for a specific design, subject to the following considerations:. Concise descriptions of construction solutions for successive elements of a building are illustrated with clear drawings of perspective models. For Architects publishes a series of books intended for construction professionals architects, engineers and construction companiesstudents at architecture and construction faculties, and people simply interested in construction issues, who want to expand their construction knowledge and understanding of the available range of architectural and construction solutions.

Zeszyt 32 Wydawnictwo Sekocenbud. The study is based on data from the period between January and Decemberwhich are related to the sale of rights to dwelling units from the secondary market. Construction and insulating technologies for outer walls.

Foundations and ground floors. Issue 1 First Online: Kurs projektowania parametrycznego i nieparametrycznego 2D i 3D.


Kazimierza Wielkiego 54A przy ul. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

Baza danych transakcyjnych Walor. Beata Ziembicka operaty wp. The analysis has been performed based on the estimation of the market value of an illustrative dwelling unit located in a building erected with the use of prefabricated large panel technology in selected variants.

Prace konserwacyjne i xekocenbud w obiektach budowlanych. Status, Quality and the Other Trade-off: Poradnik montera elektryka tom 3. This book will help you learn and understand underlying principles, while at the same time presenting you with alternate design solutions.


It will assist you in the quick and correct selection of particular construction technologies. This book contains extensive and objective knowledge, and the information provided is a reliable engineering description of construction solutions.

Wybrane zagadnienia obliczania i projektowania. Sign in to annotate.

The perspective layout drawings are supplemented with plans, and with plan views and cross-sections of design details. The variety of detailed architectonic and construction solutions presented and described in this book allow you to make informed selections for a specific design, subject to the following considerations:

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